The gastronovi
multi-site business module

Manage franchises & multi-branch concepts centrally

Do you run a franchise concept or have several catering businesses that you would like to manage centrally? Then save a lot of time now by managing all processes and data centrally and releasing them to the desired franchise operation: Whether articles, menus and merchandise purchases as well as corporate design specifications and marketing campaigns - with the gastronovi multi-site business module you can continue to grow flexibly.

The exact scope of functions depends on the additionally booked gastronovi Office modules.

Professional & efficient management of your franchise business with the gastronovi multi-site business module


In conjunction with other gastronovi modules, you can manage your data centrally. Whether it's articles, menus, shopping templates, recipes or marketing campaigns and much more - you enter your data once into our franchise and branch system and then simply submit it to the desired businesses with a click. Simplify your everyday work with the single source principle!

You can also create global corporate design specifications centrally and pass them on to the individual companies - thus ensuring a professional and uniform external appearance.


Standardization without losing the individuality! You are free to decide which of the centrally maintained specifications you want to pass on to which site within the branch structure. For example, in conjunction with the gastronovi merchandise management system, you can centrally manage your purchasing processes and warehouses, control production at headquarters, and pre-plan and distribute menus to all franchise partners - special marketing campaigns can be selectively activated for participating stores only.


Always keep track of the most important key figures of your franchise concept. Thanks to gastronovi's single-source principle, all data flow together centrally in the system and you can call up sales, turnover, reservations and racer-bum analyses per operation at a glance - from anywhere and in real time! This way, you are always in control, even if you are not on site.


With gastronovi's holistically networked software solution, you benefit from the smooth interaction of all modules. With the multi-site business module, you can easily combine your branches or franchise chain and use all the functions of your gastronovi modules across all operations. Optimize your entire processes by centrally controlling all areas with gastronovi.