The gastronovi costing module

Calculate sales prices profitably & keep an eye on the cost of sales

With the gastronovi costing module, you can create recipes for the food or drinks you offer in just a few steps, giving you transparency over your cost of sales. On this basis, you can determine the optimal selling price - according to your desired profit margin. By recording all data digitally, you can react at any time if purchase prices change.

Smart recipe calculation

Determine cost of sales ratio & gross profit

Price development at a glance

Recipe pool & digital cookbook

Allergen & additive
substance management

Smart recipe calculation

Determine cost of sales ratio & gross profit

Price development at a glance

Recipe pool & digital cookbook

Allergen & additive management

Efficient & economical work with the gastronovi costing module


The first step in any calculation is to determine the cost of sales. With gastronovi, you can create a recipe for every dish and drink on your menu that lists all the ingredients used in the quantities required, including percentage markups for drafts, cuts and parings. You can either maintain the prices of goods manually or - if you use the gastronovi costing module in conjunction with the purchasing system - transfer them automatically from your suppliers. The software suggests an optimal selling price - based on your defined cost of sales ratio.


The cost of sales is only one component of the calculation. With gastronovi, you can conveniently take a look at other factors such as the contribution margin. Define specifications per material group according to your fixed costs. In the calculation overview, you can see at a glance which meals and beverages meet your specifications and which ones you should readjust. And you can directly identify the potential adjusting screws such as sales price, portion size or ingredient quantity and purchase prices and turn them - so that your calculation remains in the green zone.


Save time on calculations by creating basic recipes such as your own pizza dough. The ingredients for this are determined once and adopted for all pizzas. If anything changes in these base recipes, these revisions can easily be applied to all recipes that contain them.

The same applies to your ingredients used: If the commodity price changes, a note appears in the recipes created with this ingredient. In the daily report, you also receive an overview by e-mail of all recipes that are potentially unprofitable - and you can react quickly so that you work economically.


The creation of recipes is worthwhile not only for your calculation, but also for the production in the kitchen. Provide kitchen staff with your recipe collection, including all ingredients and quantities, as well as instructions for preparation and presentation. This ensures that only the calculated goods and quantities are actually used for meals. In addition, you create knowledge for your business and make information transparent within the team: Should a chef leave the business, the recipes remain in the company - and you can ensure a consistent quality of your offer thanks to the cookbook.


You also only have to enter information on allergens and additives of ingredients once centrally. They are then automatically transferred to the affected recipes. In combination with the gastronovi purchasing system, you can automatically transfer the article information from the manufacturer in the system thanks to the direct supplier connection (availability varies per supplier). In interaction with the gastronovi checkout system, allergens and additives are then automatically displayed with the corresponding food and beverages in your checkout and your service team can filter for them when advising guests. Of course, the designation is also made on your printed and digital menu, if you use the module menus or the extension self-ordering system.


With the calculated recipes you can create different menus. You benefit from gastronovi's single-source principle: when the pricing of a recipe is adjusted, you can apply this change to all desired menus in your checkout system. The digital menu is also always available to your guests in the most up-to-date form.