Costing is tedious, but worthwhile and it becomes child’s play with our costing module.

Don’t just rely on hunches when costing! gastronovi Office’s costing software can support you here! Enter your supplier prices and your recipes into the system once – and you have everything automatically in view!

Calculate meals individually

Is the Wiener Schnitzel with chips and side salad still profitable at €9.99? Or do you need to increase the price or change the ingredients? The costing software means you can calculate food and drinks individually and automatically compare the result with your own targets.

Determine the best return

Are milk prices rising? Our costing software will warn you if there are any deviations from your specified cost margin.

Calculate costs efficiently

Define basic recipes such as your pizza dough. The ingredients are defined once and then used for all pizzas. If the price of an ingredient changes, all dishes that use this ingredient are automatically updated.

Manage allergen and additive information

You only need to complete information on allergens and additives once. They then appear automatically in the corresponding recipes. Your guests are always fully informed!

Best possible purchase price

Do you have an uneasy feeling about the price? Then use the price suggestion our costing software gives you. You can enter the profit margin you want to achieve for each product group individually.

Print your cookbook

Create your own recipe collection: using your online cookbook, all your chefs cook exactly as you intend. Printable as PDF!

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