An impressive cash register system – distinctive for your gastronomy

Intuitive to use, can work offline, flexible, tax office-compliant, with front and back office: the checkout software that you can easily maintain yourself – and one that will make you happy all round. Streamline the interaction between service and kitchen with the gastronovi checkout system – and increase your sales. It’s simple! Welcome to the future of gastronomy!

Intuitive operation

Your service staff can conveniently take the order with just a few taps on the tablet or smartphone and transmit it wirelessly directly from the table to the kitchen or bar. Unnecessary steps are eliminated and valuable time is saved.

Efficient installation

Working on mobile touch devices in service is undoubtedly very efficient – but initially configuring a system such as a checkout function can be just as inefficient. We therefore offer an interface optimised for keyboard when setting up gastronovi Office. This means that you get the best of both worlds.

Intelligent in the background

View all bookings, statistics and sales from anywhere and at any time thanks to the cloud-based checkout system. All in real time. Export your data: for your accountant or your accounting software.

100 per cent tax-compliant

The gastronovi Office checkout system always keeps you compliant with all tax office requirements. gastronovi is GoBD-certified. Of course, the gastronomy checkout also complies with Austrian cash register requirements and Swiss guidelines.

Select your device

You decide whether you prefer to cash up with a tablet, at the terminal, PC or with your own mobile phone.

Flexible cashing up processes

The simple cashing up software is extremely convenient, you can easily maintain it yourself and extend it with more payment methods. Cancellations, paying by credit card, bill splitting, dividing a bottle of water between four people – none of this a problem.

The kitchen monitor: maximise your output

Forget about tiresome paperwork in your kitchen! With the digital kitchen monitor, the chef keeps all food and drinks, including the stages of production, in view all the time

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