Every cent counts – keep your cash holdings under control

No need for complicated accounting records any more: record all cash movements digitally with just a few clicks. Whether you are just buying a stamp, the customer is paying in cash or the cash float needs to be listed. The cash journal is an extension of gastronovi’s GoBD-compliant cash register system.

Simple process recording

Select a suitable posting text from the templates and quickly add deposits and payouts to the cash journal. Text can also be input manually of course.

Evidenced cash payout

You can create your own receipts for cash payouts with just one swipe, meaning your employees can have all expenses signed off by you. And you know who has taken what and when from the bar cash float.

Daily takings in just a few minutes – including difference and daily analysis

You count the cash holdings at the end of the working day or after each shift and simply enter it in the cash journal using an input form. The difference is then automatically displayed and posted by the software. So your cash balance is accurate at all times!

Cash transactions under control

All postings are automatically allocated an invoice number and the date and entered in the digital cash journal. In addition, the gastronomy software can display revenues separately according to tax rates. The amounts can be automatically posted to pre-existing financial accounting systems such as SKR.

Accounting at the click of a mouse

The cash journal software delivers the data ready for posting. You can forward these directly to your accountant as a data export or simply import them into accounting software such as Datev.

Avoiding chaos and gaining favour with tax auditors

Store images of external documents underlying the individual postings. This avoids a big scramble to round up documentation, making spot checks by the tax auditor less of an ordeal!

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