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It's worth recommending! Are you already profiting with gastronovi in your day-to-day gastronomy business? And would you like your gastronomic colleagues to experience the digital possibilities for their business as well?

Then you will benefit from great advantages as a gastronovi ambassador. Just share your experience and recommend gastronovi to your colleagues.

9 out of 10 customers would recommend gastronovi to others

And it's that simple:


Tell about gastronovi

Tell us about gastronovi and share your experiences and enthusiasm!

gastronovi recommend

Easily send your personalized referral link to your colleague as a message, email or via social media.

Receive premium

If your colleague signs a contract with gastronovi, you will receive 10% of the booked software licenses!

Profit in the long term

If your colleague in turn recruits someone else, you benefit too!

The gastronovi ambassador program is only available in Germany. Further information on the conditions of participation can be found here.

Your advantages as gastronovi ambassador

Tell your gastronomy and hospitality colleagues about your experience with gastronovi and how digital support has helped you achieve your operational goals. For all directly recruited customers you will receive a 10% bonus on the booked licenses. But also, if your colleague also becomes an ambassador, you will benefit from the 2nd to 5th degree recommendations - every year for 5 years!

What does this mean in practice?

A calculation example

Your directly recruited customer books: 2x cash journal + 1x checkout system + 1x self-ordering system = 1.660 € per year.
For this direct recommendation you will receive an annual premium of € 166.

Your directly referred customer refers someone else who books gastronovi software modules worth €1,260.
For this 2nd degree recommendation you will receive a premium of 63 € per year.

If this person also recruits a new person who books software worth €1,860, you will receive 2.5% of this.
For this 3rd degree recommendation you will receive a premium of 46,50 € per year.

In total, according to this example, you will receive an annual premium of € 275.50!*

* The term begins per customer from the receipt of payment from the referred customer and ends after 5 years.

Your status as gastronovi ambassador

You have questions or want to become an ambassador directly?

Then feel free to contact us!

What is the best way to recommend gastronovi?

Tell your colleagues about your personal experience with gastronovi and how the gastronomy software supports you in your everyday work. Feel free to show how gastronovi Office works in live operation.

In addition, you can also refer your colleague to our numerous and extensive customer testimonials , where he or she can learn about the variety of applications. In addition, the following videos will give your colleagues an insight into the world of gastronovi.

  • All-in-one solution for gastronomy & hotel industry
  • Modular: individually expandable
  • Hardware independent: Use existing hardware
  • GoBD & KassenSichV-compliant: Safely positioned

Information material 
gastronovi brochure (German only)

Over 5,000 restaurateurs already rely on gastronovi:

  • I can't imagine gastronomy without gastronovi. Those who work with this system make their lives much easier. Everything is just right with the software with its insane number of possibilities, it offers itself extremely well as a companion for gastronomy. I am a big gastronovi fan.
    Martin Strunz
    Familie Strunz GmbH & Co.KG
  • I benefit greatly from the centralized way of working that gastronovi gives me. This is something that other gastronomy software simply doesn't offer and is one reason why we switched to gastronovi. Being able to work centrally with gastronovi is a huge advantage.
  • gastronovi helps us a lot to take the hustle and bustle out of the service and make it calmer when it is busy. I am fascinated by gastronovi's innovative solutions. We also chose gastronovi because we see a constant further development of the software and also want to focus on digitalization in the future.
    Annalies Biäsch
    Walserhuus Sertig
  • gastronovi is a great help to us in our daily operations. I'm a big gastronovi fan because it gives us a holistic software solution. With one log-in, you have everything together and can see everything at a glance, from reservations to sales to calculations. This is a great relief.
    Daniel Tress
    Tress Gastronomie
  • I am happy to recommend gastronovi to others. It is exactly the right system for anyone who wants to work in a future-oriented, modern and fast way. And gastronovi also provides employees with a tool that is quick and easy to use.
  • With gastronovi, I make one or two clicks in places where I would otherwise need ten different tools and lose time just logging on. Thanks to gastronovi, we have a complete overview without wasting valuable time. All this is offered by gastronovi at a good price-performance ratio.
    Toni Link
    Hopfen & Salz

Frequently asked questions

1What is the best way to recommend gastronovi?
Check what specific need your colleague has. Direct examples of solutions or your own experience will quickly convince you. Tell us about your experiences and how you were able to optimize your business thanks to gastronovi.

Advantages for restaurateurs:

  • Time saving
  • Personnel cost reduction
  • More turnover
  • More satisfied guests
  • More satisfied employees

You can use the following material provided by us for presentation and distribution to your colleagues:

  • Product brochure
  • Product and customer videos
2How do I send a recommendation?
Enter your customer number in the form and click Request link. You will receive a link that you can copy and send to your colleague by e-mail, for example.
Important: Only via this link can the referred customer subsequently be assigned to you.
3What happens after I send a referral?
If your colleague makes contact with gastronovi via the referral link, it will be assigned to you. If your colleague then decides to use gastronovi and books at least one software license, you will receive your bonus in the first quarter of the following year.
4When will I receive my premium?
You will receive the premium annually (not as a private individual) - probably paid in the first quarter of the following year. Partial or interim payment is not possible. The bonus is always granted retroactively for one year on all invoice items paid up to that time for software modules of the recruited and active customer(s) that are subject to a charge and produced by gastronovi. The term starts per customer from the receipt of payment from the referred customer and ends after 5 years.
5Where can I see how many customers I have already successfully recruited?
In the gastronovi back office, you can view your ambassador status under "My gastronovi" and how many customers you have recruited at the various levels.
6Can my colleague test gastronovi Office free of charge in advance?
A free trial account can also be created via the referral link. This expires automatically after 14 days.

Conditions of participation

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1. the program is aimed at entrepreneurs working in the gastronomy or hotel industry. Ambassadors can only be customers of gastronovi GmbH or a reseller within Germany who have booked at least one paid gastronovi software module. Employees of gastronovi GmbH and employees of partners and resellers are excluded from the program.

2. gastronovi GmbH grants ambassadors a bonus for newly recruited paying gastronovi customers (new customer). If a new customer recruited directly by the Ambassador has booked at least one gastronovi software module that is subject to a charge, a bonus of 10% will be granted on the net fee of the software licenses of all invoices paid by the new customer in a past calendar year. The prerequisite is that the new customer has booked via the personalized referral link provided to the ambassador. Franchisors cannot recruit their own franchise operations as customers. This also applies to employees of a new customer regardless of whether they are customers themselves. Furthermore, the recruiting ambassador cannot be the recruiter and the recruited at the same time.

3. if a customer recruited by an ambassador according to clause 2 recommends gastronovi to others and recruits customers himself according to clause 2, the originally recruiting ambassador shall also benefit from this with half of the premium according to clause 2, i.e. with 5 %. This applies accordingly to the new customer recruited by the latter in accordance with Clause 3, Sentence 1, again with half of the premium attributable to this in the amount of 2.5%. Clause 3, Sentence 2 applies accordingly to the two subsequent referral levels, so that the originally recruiting Ambassador receives 1.25% and 0.625% respectively of the relevant remuneration in accordance with Clause 2, Sentence 1 as commission here (see chart). The payments are limited to 5 years. The term begins per customer from the receipt of payment from the recruited customer and ends after 5 years.

4. if the ambassador himself/herself is no longer a gastronovi customer, he/she shall also lose future premium entitlements. In the event of termination or cessation of business by the Ambassador, the premium shall be granted pro rata temporis (e.g. in the event of termination on a 30.06., the commission shall be paid on half of the net fee of all invoices paid by the recruited customer in a past calendar year, irrespective of the date of invoicing and payment within the calendar year). Payment is made as long as the referred customer is a paying customer at gastronovi. If the referred customer cancels, the payment is paid out proportionally.

5. payment is made annually in the 1st quarter of the year for the previous year. Early or partial distribution is not possible. The bonus is always granted retroactively for one year on all invoice items paid up to that time for software modules of the recruited and active new customer(s) that are subject to a charge and produced by gastronovi.

6. the ambassador must ensure that the sending of a recommendation link only takes place after consultation and with the consent of the recipient. The ambassador undertakes to present the system to the potential new customer to the best of his ability. Promises to the customer regarding use or software changes that do not correspond to the current functional scope of the software are to be refrained from.

7. gastronovi GmbH is entitled to withdraw the ambassador status if the ambassador violates the agreements and in particular the above regulation (Item 6) or common decency.

8. this ambassador program will initially run until the end of the calendar year and will then be extended for a further calendar year in each case unless it is terminated beforehand by publication on this website and declaration to the gastronovi ambassadors with four weeks' notice. After termination of the Ambassador Program, bonuses for customers already recruited will only be paid for the term until the end of the program.

The General Terms and Conditions of gastronovi GmbH, Bremen apply.