The gastronovi table reservation module

Your utilization & capacities always in view

Time-consuming reservation management was yesterday - today our table reservation software takes care of it. You have an overview of the capacity utilization of your gastronomy at all times - and your guests can make reservations with you around the clock. Be successful with minimal effort and great convenience and never hassle with overbooking or wasted seats again!

Real-time table plan

Online reservation calendar (website/Facebook)

Customer file

Automated guest communication

Connection to Reserve with Google

Real-time table plan

Online reservation calendar (website/Facebook)

Customer file

Automated guest communication

Connection to Reserve with Google

Professional reservation management with the gastronovi table reservation module


In the digital reservation book, all reservations - whether received online, by phone or in person - are bundled and clearly displayed. Your service staff can see at a glance on any device when which guests are coming and can guide them directly to the right table. Even spontaneous guests arriving without a reservation can be immediately recorded via the digital, graphic table plan.


Benefit from additional reach and smooth interaction: Thanks to the direct connection of gastronovi to Reserve with Google, you can receive table reservations directly via Google. The incoming reservations are automatically transferred to the gastronovi table reservation software and displayed directly in your reservation overview! Another plus: Reserve with Google does not charge any fees and the use of the interface is free of charge*.


Via online reservation form, your guests can easily make reservations with you 24/7 via your website or Facebook. The incoming reservations are processed fully automatically by the system according to your specifications and your capacities are optimally utilized by means of a multi-level logic - including automatic table assignment and grouping of several tables for larger groups.

You retain full control: define the maximum number of reservations you want to accept per interval, how much lead time is required for a reservation - use the intelligent configuration options.


It doesn't get any more comfortable than this! With just a few clicks, your guest can enter his reservation himself in the clearly arranged reservation calendar. In real time, our system checks your free capacities and directly suggests several alternatives if there are no more free tables available at the desired time.

Your guest will then automatically receive an email confirmation, can save their reservation directly in the digital wallet (iOS/Android) and have the appointment entered in the calendar - or cancel the reservation again if necessary. This allows you to reduce no-shows and re-fill seats directly when a guest cancels their reservation.


The so-called "no-shows" are common in gastronomy and a nightmare for every restaurant operator. This is because reserved tables cannot always be refilled at short notice if guests do not show up - resulting in lost sales. If you use the gastronovi table reservation module in conjunction with the self-ordering system, you can request a deposit for the online reservation. The amount can be conveniently paid by the guest, e.g. via PayPal, and later offset against the invoice on site.


Exploit the full potential of the table reservation tool in interaction with the gastronovi checkout system so that you can manage your resources fully automatically and optimally. Thanks to our unique single-source principle, all information from the table reservation software converges directly in the checkout system, so you can view your capacity in real time at any time. As soon as new guests make a reservation online, the reservation is directly visible in the checkout system.


Your service team can see at a glance when a table is reserved and at which free tables walk-in customers can be placed. This also applies the other way around: When spontaneously arriving guests are placed at a free table, these capacities are automatically blocked for online reservations. In this way, you avoid overbooking and ensure the best possible utilization - without any additional effort on your part!

Further functions of the gastronovi table reservation module

Automatic table grouping & assignment
Max. Acceptance of reservations per hour/interval
Lead times for reservations
Easy recording of recurring reservations

Note on no-shows & guest delays
Printing of table displays & reservation overviews
Import function for customer data from other reservation systems
Extensive evaluation options

* The use of the gastronovi integration of Reserve with Google is free of charge for gastronovi customers. In addition, Reserve with Google does not charge any brokerage fees, no base fee or anything like that. Only the regular costs for your gastronovi license for the gastronovi table reservation module (annual license, monthly license or the success-based rate per brokered online reservation) apply. Your gastronovi contact will be happy to advise you on the right tariff for you!