A diagram says more than a thousand numbers:

The gastronovi cockpit also helps you keep an overview in business management. You can create individual diagrams with a few clicks and display them together on so-called “dashboards”. Focus on the essentials and see your current situation at a glance.

Predefined key figures

Do you prefer Entrecôte to tables? We completely understand that. We have already predefined a large number of key figures especially tailored to the needs of the gastronomy trade so that you benefit from our cockpit even if you don't have any previous business knowledge. And if you would like to delve further, simply use our predefined key figures as a template for your own individual calculations.

Perfect integration

The more gastronovi Office modules you use, the more key figures you can create: you can currently choose from over 30 internal system values and combine them in various ways: whether it’s turnover per guest, turnover per table or hot/not evaluations – there is a wide range of analytical possibilities. You can define up to 5 comparison values per key figure and easily track your progress in this way.

Individual values and events

You can easily process data that is not automatically available in gastronovi Office by entering your own individual values. Whether it’s a large investment, separate fixed costs or a sales target. You can use the “Events” function to enter special times and periods. If, for example, you had water damage problems that halved the number of seats for 2 weeks, you can record this here. This means that you will still understand years later the reason for the blip in the figures.

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