The gastronovi purchasing system

Direct supplier connection & integrated purchasing function

The cost of goods used plays an important role in gastronomy: it determines how much profit is left over from sales. The gastronovi purchasing system gives you an overview of your suppliers and their prices. In addition, gastronovi supports you in efficiently handling your goods purchasing - so you can avoid incorrect goods orders and ensure smooth production in the kitchen.

Supplier management incl. interfaces

Data transfer from suppliers

Integrated purchasing function

Digital goods receipt

Purchasing templates & sheets

Supplier management incl. Interfaces

Data transfer from suppliers

Integrated purchasing function

Digital goods receipt

Shopping Templates & Slips

Optimize goods orders with the gastronovi purchasing system

Data transfer from suppliers

Through which supplier is flour actually purchased? And which provider can deliver something the same day in an emergency? With gastronovi, you make your goods purchasing transparent: You document the most important information about your suppliers in one central place - e.g. delivery days, minimum order values, contact persons and the articles you purchase from them. Depending on availability, you can transfer the article master data directly via the supplier interface in the system, enter it manually or import it from a file.


Certain goods, such as potatoes, are offered by different suppliers - but the items often differ in price. With gastronovi you can compare the different prices: In the software, create the ingredients you process or the beverages you offer and assign corresponding supplier items to them. In this way, you gain an overview of which ingredients can be purchased from which suppliers, which containers are offered and what price is called for them. In conjunction with the gastronovi costing module, you can use these purchase prices to determine optimal sales prices.


You and your employees can conveniently handle your purchases of goods by creating digital shopping lists. Regardless of the supplier, your employees can add missing ingredients to your shopping list - whenever it becomes apparent that a commodity is running low. Once the list is complete and verified, the system automatically splits the order to the suppliers you selected for each ingredient and transmits it digitally.


Your weekly shopping often looks similar? For recurring purchases, you can create simple templates with the ingredients you typically need. You can then trigger this template as needed, choose quantities, and remove or add ingredients as desired.

If you use the gastronovi merchandise management system, you can keep an even closer eye on your stock levels with the help of virtual warehouses - and replenish them with just a few clicks. This creates clarity about your inventory and further automates purchasing.


This gives you an overview of your purchases made, open goods orders and deliveries received at any time. When a goods order is delivered, you can compare it with the order placed - discrepancies become immediately visible.

Our supplier interfaces

Smooth interaction between suppliers & warehouse management

gastronovi offers you a variety of interfaces to well-known suppliers and purchasing portals. Orders can be placed conveniently and automatically via the direct link to gastronovi Office, so that all purchases for your gastronomy or hotel business can be processed virtually at the touch of a button:

direct ordering function in gastronovi Office
convenient & centralized purchasing management
Take over allergens & additives directly from the manufacturer

Discover all supplier interfaces