Inventory, stock levels, break list or goods purchased.

Keep your complete goods cycle under control! All in real time. Use the online storeroom management to easily organise your suppliers and goods. You can work with several virtual storerooms.

Inventory at a glance

Respond to fluctuations immediately! Every coffee sold, the flour, tomato sauce and salami for the pizzas are automatically deducted from the quantity of ingredients in the storeroom by the merchandise management system as soon as they are entered in the cash register. Changes are immediately visible and always up to date.

Check the availability of dishes – in real time!

The waiter knows with a single click whether there are still enough dishes available and can inform guests when they place their orders.

Checking stock on the go

You are at the wholesalers, but have forgotten: is there still enough red wine in stock? Then have a quick look at the merchandise management system on your smartphone! Thanks to the cloud, the data can be accessed at any time and from anywhere.

Easy to manage

Manage your suppliers or create several storerooms (frozen food, bar, cellar, etc.). Book your goods between storage locations – even between different branches or sites. Our structured overview lets you keep track of everything!

Simple storage of delivered goods

Create new articles or product groups within seconds. Enter newly arrived goods into the different storerooms with a few clicks.

Inventory with system

Check your storeroom: push a button – and you instantly see deviations between target and actual stocks. Count if you have time. Your list will be updated at any time. gastronovi is the inventory software for the gastronomy trade!

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