Forget Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Creating menus has never been easier.

How do I create footnotes for allergen labelling in this text editing program again? And why does the writing look so odd after it’s been copied? And how do I get it into PDF format? If these are exactly the questions you want to avoid ever having to deal with again, the gastronovi Office Menu module is just the right thing for you! Create print-ready menus with just one click.

Automatic declaration of allergens and additives

Correctly disclosing allergens and additives, as well as countries of origin and fishing areas, is now a legal requirement. The intelligent networking of all components in gastronovi Office helps you lay the foundations starting with the ingredients: when you define an allergen or additive for an ingredient once, this is automatically displayed in all recipes and menus. And if something changes, all menus are updated with a single click.

Extensive layout functions with ADOBE InDesign XML Export

The menu is the most important figurehead in gastronomy. It showcases all your skills and represents your personalised ‘signature’. You can create individual design templates for your menus in gastronovi Office and give them their own personal imprint. And if you work with a professional advertising agency, they will be delighted with your ADOBE InDesign XML Export.

Translate your menu with ease

As well as your international cuisine do you also cater for international guests? Or do you run a restaurant near a national border? The integrated translation function helps you create a new language version from your existing menu in just a few steps. And the integrated translation tool means you can make small changes without the services of a translation agency.

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