Keep your customers up-to-date – on all channels – with a single click!

No more annoyance about expired menus appearing on your website, the constant effort to publish news on Facebook or the time taken to adapt the lunch menu to your TV monitors every day: you can easily provide all your channels with your very latest information using the gastronovi Office Digital signage module. This helps you win long-term guest loyalty and stand out from your competitors. Centrally controllable and can be adapted at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Central administration and easy data maintenance

The single-source principle applies here, just as with all modules: create as many presentation channels as you like and then populate them with your content – whether it’s an image gallery, your current menu, an RSS feed, your next events or even completely individual HTML content. You then only need to define where your presentation channels are to be displayed. As soon as your menu changes, the presentation channels can also be updated with just a single click.

Goodbye chalkboard – hello digital signage

Is your handwriting not exactly the best or are you just fed up of constantly writing new offers on the chalkboard every day? Then simply use digital signage in your gastronomy: automatically display and control your current food and drinks menu, slideshows or other content on TV monitors. Here, too, content is controlled centrally and with ease as a presentation channel.

Automatic presentation of the menu on your website and on Facebook

Your customers expect your current lunch menu to be always available online – whether on your website or on Facebook. What you spent time laboriously entering manually or uploading daily can now be done quickly and easily with our presentation channels. Uncomplicated and time-controlled with just a few clicks.

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