Package your own individual software suite

Small teams, flat hierarchies and a wide range of tasks undertaken are immense logistical challenges faced by individual gastronomy establishments today. The “single-source concept” helps gastronovi Office drastically reduce the scope of work and avoid recurring sources of error. Our cloud-based solution enables gastronovi customers to automatically benefit from regular improvements, any adaptations to new legal regulations, automatic backups and integrated long-term archiving. And, naturally, all legal requirements and standards are in place (e.g. GoBD/RKSV). This means it can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. A normal browser is all you need to use the complete software.


The 10 gastronovi Office modules can be combined as desired but can also be ordered separately and individually.


The 4 extensions – cash journal, merchandise management, customer loyalty and ordering system – can only be ordered and functional in connection with the cash register system module.

The Newsletter extension can only be ordered and functional in connection with the website module.
You can put together your bespoke software solution from our 10 modules and 5 extensions. Since all modules are perfectly coordinated, the administration effort is reduced to an absolute minimum.
You can, of course, order or cancel additional modules at any time and thus adapt gastronovi Office to your current needs at any time.