Customized hardware & network

Work reliably, stably & flexibly with gastronovi

With gastronovi you enjoy maximum freedom and flexibility, because our intelligent cloud solution is hardware-independent. You decide on which end device you want to use gastronovi!

However, modern and reliable hardware is only one important building block - because it depends on the optimal interaction of all factors and components involved. A stable, secure and fast network is the basis for working and doing business successfully with gastronovi.

Hardware independence

Use own hardware & react flexibly

The best software won't give you an advantage if the hardware is the limiting factor. In order for you to benefit from the full performance, certain minimum requirements must be met. You can view them here.

If the minimum requirements are met, gastronovi can be used with a wide variety of end devices. Whether you want to set up a sturdy terminal at the kitchen pass, an iPad at the bar, a Samsung smartphone for mobile order taking directly at the table, a MacBook Air in the entrance area for the digital reservation book, or simply use your own cell phone, is your decision!

With gastronovi's innovative software, you can work from Internet-enabled devices. So you stay flexible even at peak times or if a device should fail: Just grab your laptop or tablet from home and continue working seamlessly.

You also have a choice when selecting the operating system. Whether Microsoft Windows, Linux or macOS - gastronovi Office only requires a browser to operate. An app for iOS and Android is also available for use on mobile devices.

Strong network

Work smoothly & stably with a solid infrastructure

Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth, WLAN or NFC makes life much more convenient - however, the multitude of wireless devices leads to a high density of interfering networks.

That's a serious challenge for professional use in gastronomy: If a video stream gets stuck, that's no problem. But if your mobile checkouts are taking a long time to load in the middle of the evening business, it's having a negative impact on your staff, your guests, and your sales!

We therefore support you in the planning, installation and maintenance of wireless and wired networks that are completely tailored to your specific framework conditions and needs - so that you can rely on your network.

We have over 30 years of experience in network construction and rely exclusively on established, secure and high-performance hardware components.

Professional hardware

Tested by experts & optimally usable with gastronovi

Do you need professional hardware equipment for your business to get started, or do you want to upgrade or replace older equipment? Then you can also purchase your hardware directly from gastronovi. We offer you various hardware components that are extensively tested and thus optimally harmonized with our software. In addition, the hardware we deliver is pre-tested and pre-configured for you by our technical experts - so you can get started as quickly as possible. We will be happy to advise you on suitable hardware and stable network solutions.

  • Terminals

  • Mobile

  • Kitchen Monitor

  • Printer

  • Card terminals

  • Network technology

    gastronovi starter packages

    Unpack, plug in, start: The gastronovi starter packages contain completely preconfigured hardware and are ready to use right away - regardless of whether you are interested in a flexible, mobile tablet cash register or a stationary terminal solution. Our technical experts also perform the individual basic setup in the POS software.

    Preconfigured hardware
    Ready for use immediately
    The right package for your needs