Reduce costs in gastronomy

Calculate prices & operate profitably

In today's competitive landscape, it is critical for restaurateurs to reduce costs to increase profitability. Optimizing processes and implementing modern solutions are the key to successfully meeting these challenges.

Discover how gastronovi can help you make your purchasing processes more efficient, set up profitable pricing, and keep an eye on the profitability of your operation in real time - so you can identify potential savings early and seize opportunities for optimization.

Gastro organization from A-Z

Manage the goods cycle with gastronovi

From purchasing to menu creation and costing to production - with gastronovi your gastronomy will be professionally organized from A to Z.

Procurement of goods

Optimized purchasing processes

Integrated ordering function with incoming goods inspection
Direct supplier connection: Transfer of prices, allergens & additives
Order Templates & shopping Lists
Warehouse management incl. real-time inventory

What goods need to be reordered and what of them has already been ordered? Through which suppliers is actually always purchased flour? Production in your kitchen depends on smooth purchasing of goods - at the same time it is an expensive source of errors (in the worst case). gastronovi supports you with a direct supplier connection through which you can order online. Define which items are ordered from which supplier - so that your team can also easily reorder goods. In addition, the smart purchasing system allows you to keep an eye on all daily updated supplier prices and to quickly adjust your calculation in case of changes.


Profitable calculation

Profitable price calculation
Determine cost of sales ratio & gross profit
Price development at a glance
Central Allergen & additive Management

With gastronovi, you can not only calculate a dish profitably, but also keep an eye on the long term to see if the gross profit for your entire offering remains in the green zone. Our software supports you in both areas: When calculating, it suggests the optimal selling price based on your desired profit margin. In addition, the system shows you when an offer is no longer profitable, as it is connected to your suppliers and always takes into account the current prices of goods. When you adjust your sales prices, these changes are automatically applied to all menus where the dish in question is listed.

Single source principle

Efficient data maintenance

Maintain data centrally & easily
Take over ingredient information from suppliers
Display allergens & additives in a compliant manner
Improve guest consultation

In addition to the ingredient prices, information on allergens and additives is also transferred via the supplier interfaces or a data import - saving you considerable time and effort in data maintenance. When you create your menu, this information is automatically output in all relevant places thanks to the gastronovi single-source principle. On the one hand, this means that service staff have all the information they need to provide competent and tailored guest advice at their fingertips at the checkout - on the other hand, your printed and digital menus also meet the legal requirements reliably and in a time-saving manner.


Optimized use of goods & consistent quality

Digital cookbook for consistent use of goods
Quality assurance & knowledge management thanks to recipe pool
Block sold out courts for a short time
Improved communication between kitchen & service

The chef uses 150 grams of minced meat for the portion of spaghetti bolognese, the temp cook just under 200 grams? If more merchandise is used on a sustained basis than you have calculated in the selling price, losses can add up quickly. In the digital cookbook, you can provide the exact quantities of each ingredient, as well as instructions for preparation and serving. Thus, not only are the same quantities of goods always used for each dish, but the taste also remains constant. Strategic menu planning, the use of seasonal and cost-effective ingredients, and efficient work organization can also increase productivity and reduce costs.

Merchandise management

Less food waste & flow of goods in view

Entire goods cycle under control
Warehouse management & real-time inventory
Digital inventories & break lists
Intelligent evaluation of your key figures

Efficient inventory management, avoiding overstocking and minimizing food waste help reduce costs. The gastronovi merchandise management system provides you with an important control instrument that allows you to keep an eye on all important key figures. Through simple inventories via smartphone, irregularities can be quickly uncovered and the digital breakage list can be used to track which ingredients were consumed or discarded in which quantities and for what reasons. With the help of detailed statistics, you can make better forecasts for the future and thus better plan your use of goods, make more targeted purchases, optimize production and avoid food waste.