We live the digitisation of the gastronomy trade

“Has the current menu already been completed and worked out? Has anyone written and printed it yet? Do all the cooks know? Who is putting the current offer on the website? How does that work with Facebook again? Has the checkout been programmed with the weekly pass yet? How many people have reserved for tomorrow, is there still room at the big table for 4? Do we still have enough beer in stock? Which supplier do we order the cherry tomatoes from again? A guest wants to know if there are any additives in the soup, does anyone know? Our regular is due in a minute, which wine did he like so much last week?”

Gastronomy is one of the most complex, toughest and most competitive sectors. Today’s restaurateur has to calculate food and drink costs in order to keep the business profitable. They have to communicate the constantly changing daily specials in all possible media. Moreover, the restaurateur is subject to many laws and guidelines which he/she must constantly observe – such as labelling obligation for additives, the proper maintenance of a break list and a checkout system which conforms to the tax system. And guests are also becoming more demanding – they want to know what ingredients are in their food. They want to see the current offers on their smartphones. They want to book online before a visit and even order entire menus. Currently, however, much of the gastronomy trade has not yet been optimised, orders are placed by fax and telephone, menu cards are typed in Word, reservations are noted on a slip of paper and costing is done on paper or in Excel, if done at all. How can this situation finally be changed?

Many questions, just one answer – gastronovi Office is the world’s first complete solution for the gastronomy trade. With a completely thought-out solution tailored to the needs of the gastronomy trade, we want to offer all parties involved decisive added value – enjoy more freedom and still keep full control! The holistic approach of gastronovi Office is unique on the market! Only gastronovi Office offers the solution to the problems of the gastronomy trade from a single source!

We are gastronovi

The core four-person team of gastronovi (from left to right), consisting of Christian Jaentsch (digital media graduate, development manager), Bartek Kaznowski (salesperson with pedagogical background, sales manager), Andreas Jonderko (media computer scientist, sales manager) and Karl Jonderko (wholesale merchant, customer service and accounting), met in 2008. Everyone had already gained experience in the IT and gastronomy trade. gastronovi Office was initially created on their own initiative to improve IT processes in gastronomic operations and make their own work easier by optimising recurring processes and eliminating duplicate data maintenance. In close cooperation with restaurateurs from Bremen, the needs of the gastronomy trade were analysed in detail and needs defined. The result was the concept for gastronovi Office. More than 90 people now work at gastronovi to further advance the digitisation of gastronomy and to keep up with the times.
  • 2017Strategic partnership with Transgourmet

    In 2017, gastronovi enters into a strategic partnership with Transgourmet Holding AG. Transgourmet is one of the largest providers in the European wholesale pick-up and delivery trade. As part of the partnership, Transgourmet acquires a majority shareholding in gastronovi retroactively to 01/01/2017, which will henceforth operate as a “GmbH” limited company. Operational management will remain with the founders.
  • 2016KfW Founders’ Champion Award

    In 2016, gastronovi wins the KfW Founders’ Champion Award for the state of Bremen. The business idea was evaluated according to its degree of innovation, creativity and social responsibility. Another deciding factor for the award is its environmentally conscious implementation and whether jobs and training positions are created or maintained.
  • 2015LÒPEZ-EBRI Award

    In 2015, gastronovi wins the LÓPEZ-EBRI “New Approaches” award. An independent jury focused on “multiculturalism within the company” when selecting the winners. This not only enriches the team, but also has a positive influence on our dealings with our customers and business partners.
  • 2014Strategic partnership with Greven Medien

  • 2011Founding of gastronovi GmbH & Co. KG

  • 2010The EXIST Business Start-up Grant

    In 2010, the team received the EXIST start-up grant and founded gastronovi GmbH & Co. KG in 2011. Since then, the team has concentrated on the continuous improvement and expansion of the software, the creation of a large network of partners and the distribution of its own services. Today more than 50 employees work at gastronovi.
  • 2008Founding of gastronovi GbR